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Cruising Apps replaced many cruising places but some act as more of an enhancement to cruising for anonymous gay sex. Guys utilized the GPS capability feature to connect with men in close proximity similar to cruising for guys at rest stops, bathrooms, parks, bars and other men gathering establishments.

Popular hookup apps include the infamous Grindr, technology-advanced Scruff and countless others. Some apps having either create or naturally organic niche for example Growlr – for bears, cubs and their admirers. Jack’d which caters to African-American (Black) and Latino men. Recon is an app that gears towards the leather/fetish/kink gay community. I’ve reviewed some that I have frequented in the past.


If you read my blog, you know I was very anti-mobile hookup apps. I felt like it was a waste of time and there were more guys who are flaky than guys who really wanted to hookup. I have since change my stance.

There are many mobile apps geared towards gay men to meet, chat, date and hookup within a 1 mile radius or more. I will give you an overview of the mobile apps, how they work and work the benefits and features of these gay social applications. The following apps I will be discussing in upcoming are Grindr, Scruff, Jack’d, Growlr, Adam4adam Radar, and Mister. I have used all of these applications before, some were better than others or didn’t lead to nothing at all.

GRINDR – The Grandfather of the gay mobile GPS apps that change the way men meet and hookup with each other. It has a simple format of upload or not uploading a photo or image and creating a profile/bio of your stats, likes, dislikes and interests. Some guys are very vague while others are very precise. The order of the images is based on the proximity of the subscriber is to your location. You simple tap on the image that interest and see where it goes from there. The have basic features such as picking favorites, blocking, and chatting. You have to subscribe to Grindr Xtra for special features saving images or creating an album.


  • Guys are more familiar with Grindr than most apps…but not for long. 
  • The tribe feature allows you to focus on the types of guys you are interested in and select one that fits your personality.


  • I don’t have much luck on Grindr simply because I don’t have the patience for flakes,guys who waste your time.
  • Every single message that you sent and ones that you’ve received whether you reply or not is stored on their server and it gets frustrating to keep up with who messaged you and when. 
  • The message alert sucks and doesn’t inform you very well when someone has messaged you. 
  • They don’t allow you to upload multiple pics unless you upgrade to Grindr Xtra. 

Overall, I have managed to get lucky and score some hot fucks but it’s few and far in between.

Clientele:  Most of the guys are smooth, athletic, average joes, nerds, international guys and fashionistas

Recommendation: Use this apps in heavily gay populated areas and when you’re ready to hookup immediately. Guys lose interest immediately and quickly simply because they can find someone who is hornier and eager than you if you choose to take your time or try to find a better option

So download, upload a pic and happy cruising. The mobile app is available on Android, Apple and Blackberry.


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