Body Shop NYC



An all-new after after work play party men looking to let off some steam after the start of the week or a long weekend. From the pigs/freaks who brought you, Dirty Gay Fetish comes BODY SHOP. This monthly party kicks off February 10th and if successful will have more dates. So if you know any guys looking for some action on Mondays.

Party Guidelines: Location: 38 West 38th Street 3rd Floor. The building is on the south side of the street. Press the 3rd Floor buzzer on the left side of the glass door. Take the stairs to the 3rd Floor. Do NOT try and take the elevator.

Dress Code: Bare skin or jockstrap required. No underwear/street gear/pants. Acceptable gear include harnesses, pup mask, leather mask, fetish gear tops, fetish props: flogger, whips, riding crop, and paddles

Admission: $20 for the first hour; $22 After with a $2 fee for clothes check.

Keep the big bags/backpacks to a minimum.All belongings must go in the clothes check bags.

Hygiene Etiquette: If you plan on bottoming at the event, please clean out before attending the party. You will not be permitted to prep at the venue. This is a drug-free safe space. Poppers are okay. No hard drugs.

Condoms and lube will be provided as well as refreshments. No alcohol will be provided.

No camersa or photos allowed. Power off your smart watches during the party.

Huge loft space with leather benches and sofas with washing stations and lounge area for men to relax and socialize with other members.

This is a relaxed door policy for men 18 years old and older who are fit or in-decent shape (height/weight proportioned). You do NOT have to have a six pack to join in on the fun. All sexy bodies are welcomed

CONSENT IS ALWAYS SEXY: Please respect each other and make sure you have consent and bow out gracefully if you are not interested. If someone isn’t interested, please respect their wishes and move on. Don’t hover.

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