Dua Lipa has released the visual for Break My Heart, the latest single off her highly anticipated sophomore album Future Nostalgia. The pop queen-in-training definitely quenches our quarantined thirst with this 80s-inspired synth pop jam, and I like the fact that finally she seems comfortable enough doing choreography, because in the past she was not only stiff as a board with her stage presence, but it was obviously she was counting the moves in her head.

I have to also admit, it’s been a while since pop music (or a pop artist) has gotten me excited aurally and visually, and I must admit I never thought Dua Lipa would be the one up for the task of saving this currently boring pop music climate, as we all try to get through this dreadful time we are in right now being quarantined.

Future Nostalgia has already leaked in full online a week early, and out of respect for musicianship I’m waiting until March 27 when it’s officially released to the masses to give my full review

Check out the video for Break My Heart below…

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