It’s no secret that when Making The Band came out a million years ago that the two standouts on the show that created Danity Kane were none other than Aubrey O’ Day and Dawn Richard. And Despite all the drama that has transpired between the group members and Diddy (the latter who is in the process of holding auditions for the Making The Band revival), that hasn’t stopped the girls from still trekking on with music of their own.

Oh, and before I move on with the following story I should point out that Dawn will be appearing on the Making The Band reboot as a judge for the Houston auditions.

After DK broke up, Dawn went off and joined Diddy and Kalenna as the trio Diddy Dirty Money, recording the futuristic hip hop album Last Train to Paris, which in my opinion was a pretty good album, but was a commercial flop. Dawn went on to release her own independent solo projects (which I absolutely love), and in between jumping from one reality show to another, Aubrey O’ Day found the time to release a joint music project called Dumblonde with fellow DK singer Shannon Bex.

After making amends Dawn, Aubrey and Shannon reunited as DK3 and toured a bit performing the hits and some new songs. Well now Dawn and Aubrey have joined forces as a new musical project called Strawberry Milk.

I listened to the two songs Boy Down and Fly, and no shade, but Dawn’s solo music slaps harder than this dated mess. To me it sounds like these songs could be sung by any of your current crop of dime store divas, and they sound incomplete. Since it’s so hard for girl groups to give us gays our life with some quality pop, I’ve got my fingers crossed that Nicole Scherzinger and the rest of the Pussycat Dolls will be the ones to save pop music.

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