Now that movie theaters are closed due to the current global pandemic of a certain disease I’m tired of mentioning, movie companies are coming up with ways to get movie fans to watch their latest films. After only two weeks in theaters, Sony revealed that Bloodshot, the latest Vin Diesel action film based on the popular Valiant comic book will be available on VOD March 24th for $19.99 in the U.S. Other films set to hit VOD early include “Birds of Prey,” “The Way Back,” “The Hunt” and “The Invisible Man”).

Normally films have to be in theaters for three months before hitting VOD or DVD, but since movie theaters are closed, chains such as Sony, Warner Bros. and Universal have had to come up with ways to get movie lovers to see their films.

“Sony Pictures is firmly committed to theatrical exhibition and we support windowing,” said Tom Rothman, chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group “This is a unique and exceedingly rare circumstance where theaters have been required to close nationwide for the greater good and ‘Bloodshot’ is abruptly unavailable in any medium. Audiences will now have the chance to own ‘Bloodshot’ right away and see it at home, where we are all spending more time. We are confident that — like other businesses hit hard by the virus — movie theaters will bounce back strongly, and we will be there to support them.”

While I’m all for this creative way to see films, and I wish they were releasing Fast 9, Mulan, Bond 25 and Black Widow on VOD instead of moving release dates, it should be noted that in my opinion Bloodshot is the worst, must unimaginative action film of 2020. Then again, if those aforementioned films were released on VOD without going into theaters first, studios would lose a shit ton of money. So it makes sense to postpone the big summer blockbuster movies.

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