For the record, I haven’t watched a single episode of American I-Dull since the season Adam Lambert competed on. When I learned that this cutie patootie Rayvon Owen is not only openly gay, but competed on AI during it’s 14th season (upon research that was the season JLo and Keith Urban were on) I started to pay a little more attention to him and his body of work.

Yes it doesn’t hurt to be attractive, but he’s definitely got vocal chops and shows them off quite nicely on his sleek new R&B single Honesty, the first song off his upcoming EP Las Virginia. I should also point out that like many queer Idol contestants who have competed on the show for the last two decades, he wasn’t out during his run. He did come out in 2016 in an interview with Billboard.

Here’s what Owen – who is engaged (to Bridegroom director Shane Crone), BTW, had to say in an interview with Billboard about his new single: “Honesty” is the core song of my new EP. It reflects dichotomy — honesty versus dishonesty, the yin and yang. I wrote it in Tokyo, Japan, and I was initially writing about a past romantic situation, if you will. Not really an ex, it wasn’t that official. But I realized after a while, it seemed like I was reflecting my own insecurities in the song, like I was writing about myself. So “Honesty” brings everything together. It’s what I want to say in this next phase of my life and of my music.

Take a listen to Honesty below…

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