I will admit, at first I wasn’t all that hung up over Dua Lipa, but after the recent gems she’s been dropping lately (One Kiss, Don’t Start Now) I’m starting to become a fan. I still need for her to work on her stage presence, but nevertheless, the songs are definitely catchy.

As a music fan I’ve always been a sucker for 80’s synths, and with her latest release Physical, synths are aplenty throughout the track. But we’re here to talk about the colorful music video for Physical, so let’s focus on that.

Upon watching the video, it immediately reminded me of Olivia Newton-John (not because both artists share song titles), because it gives off this instant jazzercise vibe that makes you want to throw on some headphones and dance wildly around your bedroom (songs like “She’s a Maniac” and “New Attitude” popped in my head as well).

This is definitely the perfect workout track for the gays to get sweaty to, and I must say I’m now really looking forward to hearing the rest of her sophomore album, titled, Future Nostalgia, which drops on April 3.

In the meantime, check out the video, which was directed by Lope Serrano of the design collective CANADA, below…

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