Whatever you do, don’t say his name five times in the mirror, or else he will appear and split you in two with his honey-soaked hook. The trailer for the upcoming Candyman reboot has finally arrived, and might I say I’m really excited to see this film when it drops this summer.

In the new film, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (HBO’s Watchemen, Matrix 4) plays a photographer named Anthony McCoy. who moves in the old neighborhood where the Cabrini Green projects used to stand. He becomes obsessed with the legend, basing his art installations on the elusive killer, daring his viewers to say his name, too. Bodies begin piling up as a group of girls in the bathroom of their school start saying his name in the mirror, among other things that you have to see in the trailer to believe. The trailer shows violent shots of gruesome demises. At the end, we hear an ominous voice, perhaps that of Candyman himself.

I love the fact that we not only get an appearance from Vanessa Williams, who was in the original film, but the legendary Tony Todd as well, since Candyman is THE FILM that catapulted his career to horror cult status. I also love how they flipped the Destiny’s Child classic Say My Name and made it creepy AF.

Nia DaCosta directed the film. Peele co-wrote the script for “Candyman” with Clive Barker and Win Rosenfeld. Candyman will have you hooked when it drops in June. Check out the creepy AF trailer below…

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