For years people often wondered once RuPaul re-emerged over a decade ago with his iconic show RuPaul’s Drag Race why he no longer prances about in drag unless he’s getting paid. Well now the drag icon is finally opening up to Seth Meyers on why he no longer does drag full time.

“When I got famous, that’s when the drag fun ended for me, honestly.

I couldn’t terrorize y’all’s neighborhoods anymore because I became the face of drag! I’ve always been ambitious and I’ve always liked to look under the hood to see how things actually worked.

So I knew that if I was was going to do drag and make it above 14th Street so to speak, I had to calculate the image. What I did was I had one part Dolly Parton to two parts Cher, one part David Bowie and a big heaping spoonful of Diana Ross.

Then I took the subversive sexuality out of my persona so Betty and Joe Beercan could invite me into their living room and you know what it worked.”

I must say I enjoyed Ru donning some drag when he hosted Saturday Night Live last week, but I also get why he only reserves dressing up in drag when he’s doing Drag Race. The sacrifices he made to become one of the most popular drag superstars in the world in order to not scare middle America has made it so for many other queens to come through and use their voices and drag personas in other ways.

So as long as he doesn’t forget that drag has gotten him the career he has today, I’m perfectly okay with him not using drag as the only way he gets his message across.

Check out the interview below…

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