It’s been almost four years since we’ve gotten new music from Mother Monster (not counting Shallow and the music from A Star Is Born), but she recently took to social media to announce that she will be dropping a new song called Stupid Love this Friday (February 28)

In case if you’re wondering why the tite Stupid love sounds familiar, that’s because the song leaked online weeks ago to positive reviews. Gaga has revealed that the song was unfinished when it leaked, and that we’ll get to hear the final product this week.

This confirms that LG6 is definitely coming this year, and while I wasn’t a fan of Joanne, based on rumblings in the industry Gaga is going back to making those pop songs that we loved her for back in the Fame era. I’ll also say I refused to listen to Stupid Love when it leaked, so I’ll be looking forward to hearing this song and giving my opinion about it when it drops on Friday at midnight.

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