It’s been a long time coming, but history is finally being made. Indian-Americans are finally going to get their due on the reality show front, as Bravo has revealed their new docu-series entitled Family Karma.

Set to premiere on Bravo in March, the show (which reminds me a bit of Bravo’s other show Shah’s of Sunset, which follows a group of Iranian-American friends in LA) follows a group of young Indian-American friends trying to balance their careers, social lives and interwoven familial/friend ties simultaneously. 

According to People, Family Karma will follow the lives of first-generation immigrants Bali Chainani, Monica Vaswani, Brian Benni, Anisha Ramakrishna, Amrit Kapai, Vishal Parvani and Shaan Patel, who have been living in Miami since their parents emigrated from India.

Amrit Kapai

The most interesting person in the cast in my opinion will be Amrit Kapai, who will be the show’s Reza (if you’ve never seen Shah’s, Reza is the sole gay cast member). Amrit, 33, came out to his parents at 25 after guzzling one too many cocktails, and in my opinion it will be interesting to see how Indian-Americans who are queer flow in a world where LGBTQ Indian-Americans are immensely underrepresented.

Family Karma premieres March 8 at 9pm on Bravo

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