The Kris Avalon Show S. 5 Ep. 16


On the latest episode of the Kris Avalon Show, I give my thoughts on the Golden Globes, the GLAAD Awards, the Critics Choice Awards, Queen Latifah and her longtime girlfriend welcoming a son into the world, R Kelly’s harem of underage whores duking it out celebrity death match-style at Trump Tower in Chicago, The View co-hosts icing out NutMeg McCain, Tyler Perry in desperate need of a writer’s room, Jennifer Lopez being sued for $40 million by the woman who inspired Hustlers, Shawn Mendes’ connection to gay porn, and how I’m connected to the gay cannibal killer that was just arrested over the holidays for hanging, stabbing, and eating the testicles of his victim. Also check out new music from RuPaul and Pabllo Vittar.

Check out the latest episode below…

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